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Elevate your monitoring and control capabilities with Digi Axess. Whether you prioritize edge-based control or the flexibility of cloud-based monitoring, Digi Axess serves as your unified platform, offering an intuitive interface to streamline data management for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Connect Equipment

Digi Axess, paired with any Digi monitoring and control products, interfaces with a wide range of equipment to seamlessly and quickly bring data into the Digi Axess system for processing. Standard support includes current and voltage for analog data, wet and dry contacts, and Modbus RTU and TCP.



Whether your data requirements are at the edge or in the cloud, Digi Axess delivers normalized data for immediate use with logic alarming, controlling, and other on-site systems for a complete end-to-end solution.


Secure Communications

Digi’s industrial automation and IO solutions provide secure data transmission across cellular, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi networks. Our cellular solutions are provisioned for use on domestic and international carriers.


Manage from Digi Axess

Data from equipment and sensors are processed at the edge before being transmitted to Digi Axess, enabling centralized management. Within Digi Axess, users can access their data, efficiently manage assets, and generate alarms and reports for enhanced operational oversight.

Choose Your Connection

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Digi provides an edge-based solution tailored for operations valuing autonomy and data governance. This solution offers direct access to data and equipment control, ensuring the security of sensitive information within your physical infrastructure.

Edge-Based Solutions
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Digi Axess offers enterprises a comprehensive cloud-based control solution, harnessing scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. Whether serving as a standalone cloud platform or facilitating seamless data integration into existing systems, Digi Axess empowers businesses to leverage remote monitoring and control capabilities without the overhead of on-premise infrastructure management.

Cloud-Based Solutions

The Perfect Match

Combine Digi Axess with any of Digi’s industrial automation and IO products to create an optimal monitoring and control solution.

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Contrôle de l'automatisation de bout en bout

Visualizing Well Pump Systems in Action

Intuitive Automation Control

Experience our ‘Language-Less’ Platform No programming skills needed. Our automation control platform empowers you to tackle intricate challenges effortlessly, without the need for low-level programming.

Advanced Formulas and Logic

Unlock simplified automation control at the edge, with our built in functions and logical operators to enable.

  • Dynamic scheduling: customize tasks for peak efficiency using real-time data
  • Conditional Actions: trigger tailored responses based on complex conditions
  • Adaptive control: optimize performance with and adjust parameters based on feedback

Seamless Raw Data Integration

Effortlessly connect standard data types like Pulse, Digital, Analog, MODBUS, and beyond with our plug-and-play functionality.

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