Announcing the Latest Digi Software Solutions for DAL OS 23.12 Firmware and Digi Remote Manager

Les mises à jour logicielles sont essentielles pour optimiser les performances, améliorer l'expérience utilisateur et assurer un haut niveau de sécurité. Digi s'engage à fournir des mises à jour régulières du micrologiciel pour ses solutions de réseau, non seulement pour déployer des correctifs de sécurité et des corrections de bogues en temps opportun, mais aussi pour activer de nouvelles fonctions qui améliorent continuellement la valeur et les capacités de vos routeurs cellulaires, serveurs et systèmes de gestion d'infrastructure Digi.

Le système d'exploitation Digi Accelerated Linux (DAL OS) apporte une intelligence puissante à nos solutions, permettant l'automatisation, la sécurité, la gestion hors bande et d'autres capacités sophistiquées qui répondent aux besoins des utilisateurs et des gestionnaires de réseaux dans les entreprises, l'industrie, les transports, le gouvernement et les cas d'utilisation médicale.

DAL OS est entièrement intégré à Digi Remote Manager®, notre outil de configuration et de gestion à distance basé sur le cloud. Ensemble, ces logiciels clés permettent à ceux qui utilisent et gèrent les solutions Digi d'avoir une visibilité et un accès transparent à la valeur totale de leurs appareils, où qu'ils soient déployés.

Digi is excited to announce that we have added several great new features to Digi Remote Manager and  DAL OS version  We invite you to take a minute and walk through the most important highlights of our software’s latest additions and changes below.

Quels appareils Digi supportent DAL OS ?

Digi dispose d'une liste importante et croissante de dispositifs basés sur le système d'exploitation DAL - notamment des routeurs, des serveurs de console, des dispositifs de gestion USB et d'autres produits de gestion d'infrastructure :

Les piliers de Digi

Les fonctionnalités logicielles suivantes s'articulent autour des quatre piliers de Digi : sécurité, facilité d'utilisation, résilience et réduction des coûts.


Icône de sécurité

Les appareils critiques pour les missions et les entreprises sont souvent utilisés sur le terrain pendant de nombreuses années. Avec chaque version majeure du système d'exploitation Digi Accelerated Linux, nous traitons les vulnérabilités et expositions communes (CVE), y compris la surveillance continue, les alertes et les notifications liées aux CVE.

Digi is highly focused on cybersecurity, and we provide a range of tools, resources and value-added services to our customers.

Our ongoing monitoring and regular updates of DAL OS are a part of our complete offering. You can learn more about Digi cybersecurity in our Security Center, our Digi TrustFence® page, and our Value Added Services page.

Updates for urgent CVE patches:

  • Linux kernel version 6.5
  • OpenSSH 9.5p1
  • OpenSSL 3.1.3 (CVE-2023-4807, CVE-2023-3817)
  • curl 8.4.0 (CVE-2023-38545, CVE-2023-38546)
  • frrouting 9.0.1 (CVE-2023-41361, CVE-2023-47235, CVE-2023-38802)
  • sqlite 3.43.2 (CVE-2022-35737)
  • Netifd/ubus/UCI/libubox 21.02

There were also two SCEP-related updates to remove sensitive SCEP details from the internal system logs, as a precautionary measure to ensure any SCEP keys or passphrases cannot be read from the Admin CLI or web UI.

Facilité d'utilisation

Icône de facilité d'utilisation

Quickly get to the pages in Digi Remote Manager with our improved navigation menu

The navigation menu on the left side of the Digi Remote Manager site has been streamline and simplified.

Gone are the days of nested menu items, and the admin-related pages have been moved under the Setting icon on the top-right of the site to better highlight the device management and Insights sections of Digi Remote Manager, which is where your day-to-day tasks will be done.

Navigation menu


Further organize access to you devices with nested sub-accounts

Many Digi Remote Manager users handle devices that either belong to end customers they are managing or are shared with other companies for tasks like third-party support or auditing. Digi Remote Manager now supports multiple tiers of sub-accounts for greater flexibilty for service providers and large corporations that wish to segregate their devices based on individual customers or user bases.

Sub Accounts menu in Digi Remote Manager

Quickly scan and remediate one or more devices for configuration compliance

Digi Remote Manager offers configuration profiles for maintaining and managing the proper firmware version, configuration settings, Digi Containers, and filesystem settings on Digi devices. Historically, the Configuraton Profile would scan all devices within the groups linked to the profile. Now, users have an option to selectively choose which devices they would like to have the Configuration Profile scan outside of its automated schedule, thanks to the Scan Configuration item added to the Actions drop-down menu on the Devices page.  This can be utilized to perform ad-hoc configuration scans and remediations on one or more selected devices, which can greatly assist users when staging or troubleshooting specific sites in their account.

Configuration management in Digi Remote Manager


Icône de résilience




Expand your use of DMVPN with OSPF routing

Dynamic routing helps keep your network packet handling up to date, and ensures your data gets to where it needs to go. Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) is a dynamic tunneling form of a virtual private network (VPN). It uses a multi spoke-to-hub network in which the network addresses of the spoke routers do not need to be known, and therefore do not need to be configured in the hub router. 

Digi routers have supported DMVPN phase 3 spoke tunnels along with NHRP and mGRE routing protocols since our 23.3 firmware release. Now, Digi has expanded our DMVPN support to include OSPF routing through the DMVPN tunnel, which leverages link-state routing to share routes amongst DMVPN spokes and determines the best logical path for every possible destination in the shared network.





Voir la section DMVPN du guide de l'utilisateur de l'appareil Digi pour plus de détails.


Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Digi devices expand their network bridging capabilities by now supporting RSTP in addition to standard STP. RSTP can provide incredibly valuable benefits and improvement in overall uptime of the network by allowing users to customize the bridge priority for each router, switch, or bridge on their network. RSTP also provides a faster response to topology changes (2-6 seconds compared to 30-50 seconds with STP). Note that to utilize RSTP on your Digi device, all other routers/switches/bridges on the network must also support RSTP; otherwise, it will fallback to using STP.  See "Configure a bridge" in the user guide for more details about setting up STP/RSTP options on your Digi device.

Tree Protocol

Keep an always-on remote out-of-band access to your serial consoles using device-initiated Realport connections

Digi RealPort allows users to easily network-enable devices connected to the serial port(s) of a Digi device, providing users the ability to remotely connect to those serial devices as if they were a native COM/TTY port on their PC.

The new Device-initiated mode for RealPort takes this one step further, by having the Digi device automatically establish the RealPort connection to the user’s PC, thereby removing the requirement for the Digi device to have an IP address that the PC can directly reach.  Users can now have an always-available COM port to connect to their remote serial equipment behind the RealPort Digi device.

RealPort device management

Retour sur investissement

Icône de retour sur investissement

Monitor additional onboard equipment by using the Digi TX54-series ignition sense as a digital input

The ignition input on the power input port for the Digi TX54 router provides a way for the device to properly shut down or delay its shutdown after a vehicle is turned off. This option is especially important in situations where the TX54 must upload mission-critical data after the vehicle is parked and out-of-service for the day.

Now users can expand the use of the Ignition sense line on the TX54 router so it also acts as digital input for monitoring and reporting on changes to relays, physical switches, or buttons in the vehicle. What’s more, the power button on the front of the TX54 also can now be utilized as a manually-triggered digital input, for technicians or installation teams that need to keep track of how many times the device has been serviced.

Ignition Sense management

Improve your WAN bonding performance with a bonding proxy

Digi WAN Bonding integrates Bondix S.A.NE software to optimize and extend the capabilities of your Digi connectivity solution. The S.A.NE software now includes a Bondix proxy to further optimize standard TCP traffic such as web browsing and speed test, providing users with faster observed throughput on their Digi devices.

This WAN bonding proxy can be enabled and configured along with all the other WAN bonding settings already available in the Digi device’s configuration, including the ability to manage and update these settings all together through Digi Remote Manager. See the Use Digi Remote Manager to enable and configure WAN bonding on multiple devices section in the user guide for more details.

Liaison WAN

Keep legacy BOOTP equipment alive by connecting it to a Digi router

BOOTP is an older protocol utilized on industrial networking equipment before DHCP became the prevalent protocol for devices to get a dynamically-assigned IP address to their device. Digi devices now support the ability to provide dynamic IPs to client devices via both DHCP and BOOTP protocols. See "Configure a local area network (LAN)" in the user guide for details about setting up a LAN DHCP network on your Digi device.

WAN Configuration

Historique complet

Pour plus de détails sur les fonctionnalités ci-dessus incluses dans le nouveau firmware DAL OS, ainsi que sur les améliorations supplémentaires, les corrections de bogues et les mises à jour de sécurité, veuillez consulter le lien changelog pour la famille de produits concernée :

If you have any questions or concerns about the below features, or for assistance updating your device(s), please contact the Digi Support team at

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